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Can the inexpensive USB BASS METER device for measuring the sound pressure (SPL) perform measurements with the same accuracy as the distinguished and reputable measuring complexes, such as TERM-LAB? Many people who face Spl-Lab products for the first time ask this question. This article can give well-grounded answer to this question.

When the Bass Meter series devices just appeared at the measuring equipment market, sceptics predicted that such measuring complexes will be unable to provide the necessary accuracy of measurements, because of their simplicity and not-too-high price. Several years passed and during that time Spl-Lab established a good reputation among participants and organizers of unlimited sound pressure contests and has proved to the world that such assumption was wrong.

Expensive does not necessarily means good

This statement is obvious, but in our life we often have to persuade ourselves that it is so. Because it is more logical to assume that more expensive devices are made using more expensive parts, higher quality production, professional personnel, etc. In most of the cases it is partly true. But all of this components are not the guarantee of receiving the qualitative product. A striking example can be AUDIOCONTROL complex, the price of which is eye-watering, but quality and stability of work leaves much to be desired.

Simplicity is the sister of talent

Spl-Lab staff is a group of young engineers and programmers, who diligently and enthusiastically work for creating new and improving the existing Spl-Lab products. Our ideas are fresh. We don`t copy the existing things, but create new ones. Simplicity is what we are striving for. When you take an idea and, after cutting away all that is not necessary, you implement it, then as a result you get inexpensive, practical and qualitative product. In conclusion we will confirm our words with the results of the test measurements:

Measurement taken on music (BassRace)