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Event Mode Module

Additional options for sound measuring and analysing

  • Simple interface
  • Precise recording of measurement data
  • Data encryption
  • Flexible settings
  • Compatible with Windows XP,Vista,7,8 (32 and 64 Bit)
  • Work with two displays
$55 per year Stocked
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When implementing multiple sound system characteristic measurements sooner or later you will face the problem of data recording. At the beginning you can keep something in mind or write it down on a paper, but with the time it becomes more and more complicated. Try to recall the result of measurements for system tested in specific conditions a week ago. Or to recollect in chronological order the values of sound system measurements of the car that was brought to your autosound workshop for regular set-up. Let alone the contests, where there can be 30 or 50 participants, and for each one accurate data of at least one measurement should be recorded. Program module Event-mode module is a Measuring Center for Windows add-on for recording measurement data. Keeping the customary interface of the programme, the add-on adds a variety of new features. All data is securely enciphered and protected from unauthorized changes. This add-on will answer the purposes of engineers at the sound equipment production, audiolab adjusters and autosound contest judges when holding contests.


  • Recording an unlimited number of measurement data
  • Work with two data sources
  • Enciphered individual database
  • Creating and holding contests according to own format
  • Displaying general and individual statistics of measurements
  • Sorting and filtering data using flexible criteria
  • Data protection from change
  • Data export
  • Displaying data on the second monitor
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