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Measuring Center for Android and iOS

The mobile software for the spectral analysis of the sound signals

  • Simple interface
  • Build-in mic support
  • High speed of work
  • Unique algorithms
  • Supports Bluetooth and USB OTG.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

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In modern world tablet PCs or smartphones are playing greater role in our lives. Devices, comparable in power with personal computers, gained a big part of the consumer market, supplanting PCs. For general consumer mobile devices completely replaced the functionality of PC, but specific tasks are still mostly solved using computers. It mostly happens because of the lack of necessary software. Our company goes with the times and offers its customers the possibility of using mobile devices for sound measuring and analysing. We have developed an application for spectral analysis of sound for Android. The application Measuring Center for Android is simplified version of the program for PC, but it still has its reach functionality. The interface of the program is intuitive and easy to use. It supports both the wired Spl-Lab devices (USB BASS Meter, USB RTA Meter, etc.) and wireless devices, such as Wireless Bass Meter. Also you can make measurements using build-it microphone of your phone or tablet!


  • Build-it mic support for AFC measurements (full version)
  • Measuring the amplitude-frequency characteristic (AFC) of a signal - displaying the spectrum
  • Displaying the signal waveform
  • Measuring the Total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • Measuring the sound pressure level (SPL, dB Drag, IdBL, ESPL, AMT, etc)
  • Linear, logarithmic and octave view of spectrum
  • Measuring the amplitude and frequency of the peak values of the spectrum
  • Measuring average level of sound pressure in time (Bassrace, Bass Boxing, AMT SPL-Show, etc)
  • Measuring the average in time and whole spectrum sound pressure level (SQL)
  • Supports the wired and wireless Spl-Lab devices
  • Spl-Lab provides a guarantee for all equipment sold for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. The warranty provides for the repair of equipment in the service center at the expense of the manufacturer or replacement with similar equipment.
  • The warranty covers defects caused by the manufacturer and does not cover mechanical damage or violation of the terms of use and storage.
  • The warranty is terminated in case of repair or attempted repair of equipment by persons / organizations not authorized by Spl-Lab.
  • The warranty does not cover potential damage, loss of profits, loss of data and other direct or indirect losses related to equipment malfunction.
  • Warranty service for products purchased through a third party (distributor) is provided through a third party.
  • The decision on warranty repair or replacement is made on the basis of technical expertise carried out by the Spl-Lab service center.