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Spl-Lab Software

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Measuring Center for Windows

Measuring Center for Windows – use all the might of your PC. Powerful tool that allows immediately receiving…

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Measuring Center for Android and iOS

Measuring Center for Android and iOS – go with the times. Wide functionality of the mobile device software…

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Event Mode Module

Event mode module – everything is under control. Additional module for Measuring Center for Windows allows…

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Recommended Products

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Wireless Bass Meter(Third Edition)

Connect additional external sensors! Up to 190dB! For iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows. USB and Wireless…

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Race Meter

Race Meter is a new device for measuring the dynamic characteristics of cars and motorcycles. Measured…

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USB RTA Meter (Pro Edition)

The USB RTA Meter PRO is sensitive and accurate. The USB microphone for measuring AFC and harmonic distortion…