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Completely autonomous, all-purpose measuring device

  • Completely autonomous
  • Internal battery
  • Graphic display with back light
  • Two Lab-Bus ports for connecting sensors
  • Built-in signal generator (sine, noise)
  • Updatable software
  • Transmitting data to PC
  • Software for some Android and Windows
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The Next-LCD is a completely autonomous, all-purpose measuring device. All measured characteristics are displayed as digits and graphs on-screen. The closed software environment of the device eliminates inaccurate readings. The device has two Lab-Bus digital bus ports to which the pressure sensors, microphones or power sensors can be connected. All this makes Next-LCD an all-purpose and completely cascadable tool. When a user purchases, for example, this set for measuring sound pressure, in the future they can supplement it with our microphone for measuring AFC or with our power sensor for measuring current and voltage. Simultaneous work with two signal sources is possible. The built-in sound signal generator of different waveforms (sine, white noise, pink noise) works in background mode alongside the process of measuring. The Next-LCD can be connected to a PC for controlling the device and transmitting data via USB, for example, when it is necessary to display the measurement results on a big screen. The device can be fitted with the built-in Wi-Fi module for connecting to Wireless networks which allow transmitting measurement data for long distances via the Internet in real time mode.

Software characteristics

  • The SPL mode for measuring sound pressure peak values with possibility of displaying the spectrum and waveform of the measured signals. Simultaneous work with two signal sources. Distortion (clip) detector
  • The AVG mode for measuring the weighted time-average value of a sound pressure. Simultaneous work with two signal sources
  • The RTA mode for measuring AFC with possibility of displaying the spectrum and waveform of the measured signals. Displaying with breaking the spectrum into octaves. Distortion (clip) detector
  • The PWR mode for measuring alternating/direct current and voltage, power, frequency of the signal, non-linear distortion (clip) coefficient. Simultaneous work with two signal sources
  • GEN mode. Background stereo generator of test signals: sine, pink noise and white noise
  • The CON mode for connecting with PC. Allows performing customization and transmission of the digitized data for detailed analysis in Measuring Center for Windows


The Next-LCD device is performed as a monoblock that has graphic display with back light, 8 control buttons, USB port for connecting to a PC and for charging the device, two Lab-Bus ports for connecting sensors, two RCA type outputs of the sound signal generator, feed switch and three-coloured LED for indicating status and extent of battery charge. The device can be supplied with the built-in Wi-Fi module for connecting and managing via the local network. The case of the device is made of shockproof plastic material.


  • Measuring sound pressure using Next-Lab SPL Sensor
  • Measuring AFC and performing a spectral analysis of the signal using Next-Lab RTA Microphone
  • Measuring power characteristics of direct and alternating current circuits using Next-Lab Power Sensor
  • Possibility of simultaneous work with two signal sources
  • Work of the sound signal generator in the background alongside the process of measuring
  • Displaying the signal waveform and spectrum onscreen
  • Displaying the measured values in digital form onscreen
  • Possibility of controlling the device and transmitting data to a PC via USB port or wireless network
  • Measuring the characteristics of home, car or concert hall acoustic systems and setting them up
  • Measuring the characteristics of home, car or industrial power supply networks and setting them up
  • Preparation and holding of autosound contests of any format (AMT, EMMA , dB Drag, IASCA, BassRace, etc.), as well via the Internet (optional)

Package Contents

  • Main unit
  • USB connection cable for charging and connecting it to a PC
  • Spl-Lab Measuring Center software for Windows
  • Audio tracks for tuning (sine, sweep-tones, noise)
  • Spl-Lab provides a guarantee for all equipment sold for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. The warranty provides for the repair of equipment in the service center at the expense of the manufacturer or replacement with similar equipment.
  • The warranty covers defects caused by the manufacturer and does not cover mechanical damage or violation of the terms of use and storage.
  • The warranty is terminated in case of repair or attempted repair of equipment by persons / organizations not authorized by Spl-Lab.
  • The warranty does not cover potential damage, loss of profits, loss of data and other direct or indirect losses related to equipment malfunction.
  • Warranty service for products purchased through a third party (distributor) is provided through a third party.
  • The decision on warranty repair or replacement is made on the basis of technical expertise carried out by the Spl-Lab service center.