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LCD Bass Meter(Second Edition)

Handheld spectrum analyzer with SPL measuring function

  • Completely autonomous
  • Software for some Android and Windows
  • Power supply from batteries or through USB
  • Bright display with back light
  • Frequency range from 10 to 120 Hz
  • Amplitude range from 120 to 185 dB
  • Calibrated according to the TERM-LAB
  • Connecting NEXT-LAB sensors is available
  • Data transfer to the PC is possible
  • Free software
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The LCD BASS METER SE portable noise meter is intended for measuring noise level and sound pressure at the low frequency. The source of the measured signal can be provided by both industrial equipment and acoustic systems. The main advantage of this noise meter is complete autonomy of work. For carrying out measurements you won`t need a computer; all data is processed and calculated in the device and depicted on its display. If it is necessary to receive more detailed information, such as spectrum or signal waveform, the device can be connected to a PC using USB port. The NEXT-LAB SPL Pressure Sensor, which is included in the equipment distribution kit, allows receiving results with high accuracy of 0.1 dB. The device has Lab-Bus digital bus port, to which the pressure sensor, microphone or power sensor can be connected. When users in the beginning purchase a set for measuring sound pressure, in future they can supplement it with the microphone for measuring AFC or with the power sensor for measuring current and voltage.


The LCD BASS METER SE device is performed as the main unit and detachable sensor with vacuum suction cups for affixing in to any smooth surface, for example, glass. The cable between the main unit and the sensor can be several meters long, which allows a user to be at some distance from the spot of measurement. At the main unit there are controls and two-line LCD display with micro-light for comfortable use of the device indoors or in the passenger compartment of a car. The device can operate from the battery inserted inside the case or from USB. The USB port is intended for power supply, updating the device microcode and transmitting data from the device to the PC. The case of the device is made of the shockproof plastic material.


  • Displaying the peak values and average level of sound pressure, as well as harmonic distortion coefficient.
  • Measuring the sound pressure using Next-Lab SPL Sensor.
  • Measuring AFC and performing a spectral analysis of the signal using Next-Lab RTA Microphone (should be purchased separately)
  • Measuring the current-voltage characteristics of direct and alternating current circuits using Next-Lab Power Sensor (should be purchased separately)
  • Possibility of controlling the device and transmitting data to the PC via USB port
  • Measuring the characteristics of home, car or concert hall acoustic systems and setting them up
  • Measuring the characteristics of home, car or industrial power supply networks and setting them up
  • Preparing to and holding of the autosound competitions of any kind (AMT, EMMA, dB Drag, IASCA, BassRace, etc.)

Package Contents

  • Main unit
  • USB connection cable
  • Spl-Lab Measuring Center software for Windows
  • Audio tracks for tuning (sine, sweep-tones, noise)
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  • The warranty covers defects caused by the manufacturer and does not cover mechanical damage or violation of the terms of use and storage.
  • The warranty is terminated in case of repair or attempted repair of equipment by persons / organizations not authorized by Spl-Lab.
  • The warranty does not cover potential damage, loss of profits, loss of data and other direct or indirect losses related to equipment malfunction.
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  • The decision on warranty repair or replacement is made on the basis of technical expertise carried out by the Spl-Lab service center.