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USB Noise Meter (Pro Edition)

Noise level meter with wide dynamic range.

  • Frequency range from 10 to 20,000 Hz
  • Amplitude range from 80 to 150 dB
  • Wide dynamic range of 70 dB
  • Inbuilt ADC 16 Bit
  • Mini-USB receptacle
  • Free software
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New USB Noise Meter (Pro Edition) is intended for measuring a noise level sound pressure level (SPL) and AFC with high accuracy in the entire audible range up to 20,000 Hz/ The source of the measured signal can be provided by both industrial equipment and acoustic systems. Using the unique microphone inset allows receiving wide dynamic range of measured signal of 70 dB and high threshold level of 150 dB, which makes this device truly general-purpose one. The measured signal is digitized inside the device and sent to a PC or Android smartphone/tablet PC via USB port already in digitalised form. Despite its orientation to the professional user the noise meter is easy to use and does not require additional setting and calibration. It is enough to connect the device to a PC and to launch the software that is provided in the package. The noise meter can also operate with any other software that supports standard sound cards on Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS!


The USB noise meter has the body of anodized aluminum that contains the highly sensitive microphone inset, low frequency amplifier and ADC unit with USB port for transmitting data. In the body of the device around the microphone inset there are special notches for receiving smoother directional characteristic. The device is executed in the case in acoustically correct shape for avoiding additional overtones and distortions. If necessary the noise meter can be installed on the stand.


  • Measuring a noise level in living or industrial premises in the in the entire audible range.
  • Measuring the noise level of machines, construction equipment, power lines and other mechanisms.
  • Measuring AFC of car acoustic systems, home audio systems, movie theatres, concert halls, etc.
  • Measuring the absolute level of sound pressure (SPL) both in the entire system and in its separate components.
  • Adjusting, aligning the AFC when harmonizing the audio system components.
  • Defining and setting the cut-off frequencies for crossovers and inbuilt filters
  • Spectral analysis of a signal - getting the AFC
  • Quantitative evaluation of the frequency-response ripple
  • Defining the harmonic distortion coefficient
  • Receiving and analysing the signal waveform

Package Contents

  • USB microphone
  • Connecting USB cable for connecting to a PC
  • Spl-Lab Measuring Center software for Windows and Android
  • Audio tracks for tuning (sine, sweep-tones, noise)
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