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Next-Lab RTA Microphone

Microphone for measuring AFC

  • Lab-Bus digital bus
  • Frequency range from 10 to 20000 Hz
  • Amplitude range from 50 to 120 dB or from 60 to 155 dB for High SPL Edition
  • Calibrated according to Audiomatica CLIO or according to TERM-LAB for High SPL Edition
  • Internal precision ADC 16 Bit
$230 add-on Stocked
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New measuring microphone, Next-Lab RTA Microphone, is intended for use together with data analysis units such as Next-LCD and Next-USB. The device has an internal ADC. The signal is digitized inside the microphone and is transmitted in digital form via the Lab-bus. This prevents distortion and noise pollution of the measured signal in the process of transmitting. The signal can be transmitted over a cable of a distance up to 10 meters. The microphone is intended for measuring the amplitude-frequency characteristic (AFC) and the harmonic distortion coefficient of acoustic systems in the entire audible frequency range with high accuracy. The omnidirectional, electret microphone inset that is used in the device has linear AFC which minimizes the characteristic spread among the devices within one batch. High sensitivity of the device is achieved by using the internal low frequency amplifier; lower-range value is 50 dB. Each copy of the device undergoes thorough inspection and calibration.


The Next-Lab RTA Microphone for measuring AFC has an anodized, aluminum body that contains the highly sensitive, omnidirectional, electret, microphone inset, low frequency amplifier, ADC unit and Lab-Bus interface. The device has one Lab-Bus port for transmitting data. In the body of the device around the microphone inset, there are special notches for receiving smoother directional characteristic. The acoustically correct construction of the device allows receiving the input signal that is as close as possible to the original signal. If necessary, the microphone can be installed on a stand.


  • Measuring the characteristics of home, car or concert hall acoustic systems in the entire audible range
  • Setting of acoustic systems
  • Defining and setting the cut-off frequencies for crossovers and internal filters
  • Fine harmonizing of audio system components
  • Preparation and holding of auto sound contests for sound quality (SQ) divisions or sound volume(SQL) for High Spl Editon
  • Spectral analysis of a signal - getting the AFC
  • Quantitative evaluation of the frequency-response ripple
  • Defining the harmonic distortion coefficient
  • Receiving and analysing the signal waveform

Package Contents

  • Microphone for measuring AFC
  • Lab-Bus connection cable
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