Wireless Bass Meter

Wireless Bass Meter — is portable sound level meter for measuring the sound pressure.
    • Battery life up to 3 hours
    • Data transfer up to 100 metres
    • Frequency range from 10 to 120 Hz
    • Amplitude range from 120 to 180 dB
    • Calibrated according to the TERM-LAB
    • Compatible with Windows and Android
    • Free software


Price: $504, with case- $544

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The Wireless Bass Meter noise meter is intended for measuring the noise level and sound pressure at the low frequency. The source of the measured signal can be provided by both industrial equipment and acoustic systems. The distinctive feature of the noise meter is its ease of use and mobility. No more wires! It allows taking measurements in complex environment, where use of wired devices is problematic. Owing to the built-in ADC a measured signal is digitalized inside the device and sent to a PC or Android smartphone/tablet PC via Bluetooth channel without alterations. Usage of the solid-state pressure transducer allows receiving results with high accuracy of 0.1 dB.


The Wireless Bass Meter device is performed as a monoblock, combining the high-frequency solid-state sensor, ADC module and Bluetooth transmitter. The device has power LED and connection LED, USB receptacle for connecting the device to a PC for recharging and a Power button. There is indication of low battery level. At the back cover there are vacuum suction cups for affixing the device on any smooth surfaces, for example, glass. The case of the device is made of shockproof plastic material.

  • Measuring the characteristics of home, car or concert hall acoustic systems
  • Setting acoustic systems, e.g. subwoofers
  • Measuring noise level
  • Preparation to autosound competitions on unlimited sound pressure (AMT, EMMA, dB Drag, IASCA, BassRace, etc.)
  • Holding autosound contests
  • Measuring sound pressure level (SPL)
  • Spectral analysis of a signal - getting AFC
  • Receiving and analysing a signal waveform
Package Contents
  • Wireless Bass Meter
  • Spl-Lab Measuring Center software for Windows and Android
  • Audio-CD with audio tracks for tuning (sine, sweep-tones, noise)
  • USB cable for charging
  • USB Bluetooth adapter
  • Case for carrying around and keeping (optional)