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Smart Monitor

Multifunctional Car True RMS multimeter with a protection feature

  • Seven devices in one
  • Measuring the current up to 1200 ampere
  • Measuring the voltage up to 300 Volt
  • Measuringthe power up to 30 kW
  • True RMS algorithm
  • Measuring impedance
  • Protection feature
  • Distortion detection
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The Smart Monitor car multimeter is a device for measuring such characteristics of electric circuits as power, voltage and current. There are two independent removable sensors used in the device: for direct and alternating current/voltage. Multimeter takes measurements of direct current and voltage (power) used by car amplifiers, as well as alternating current and voltage (power) delivered by amplifiers to subwoofer or other acoustic components. Thus the device is able to measure seven electric characteristics at the same time: alternating current up to 100 A, voltage up to 300 V and power up to 30 kVA; direct current up to 1200 А, voltage to 30 V, power up to 36 kVA and impedance. For measuring the alternating current/voltage and power the True RMS algorithm is used. The Smart Monitor also has a car electrical equipment protection feature that breaks the Remote controlling circuit when the measured values exceed the defined limits. Besides that the device has a signal Harmonic Distortion Measuring mode in the alternating current /voltage circuit. The Smart Monitor can carry out measurements and evaluate quality not only of a car electrical system but also of home and industrial electric networks with power up to 30 kW, voltage up to 300 V and current up to 100 ampere.


Smart Monitor consists of a main unit, with an aid of which the control of major features of the device and displaying data on the display with backlight. The unit has ON button, Power indicator, four control buttons, two input jacks for connecting the remote sensors, Mini-USB receptacle for updating the microcode and the power socket. The device can be provided without the case for hidden installation (for example into the dashboard). The main unit is connected to two remote sensors using specialised cables that are up to 5 meters long. For measuring the alternating current it is necessary to put the sensor in series with measured circuit. There are two types of sensors for measuring the direct current, both connected in series with circuit with current up to 200 A and of contactless type for circuits with current 600 A or 1,200 A.


  • Measuring the direct current, voltage and power
  • Measuring the alternating current, voltage and power according to the True RMS algorithm
  • Measuring the impedance of the acoustic systems
  • Defining the harmonic distortion coefficient
  • Quality index assessments of home and industrial electric networks
  • Protection of electrical equipment of a car from breakage
  • Protection of car subwoofers and acoustics from overheating and breakage caused by uprating the allowed current / voltage or power of input signal
  • Matching levels (Gain) of different channels of the amplifiers against each other
  • Tuning the car audio and amplifiers by means of monitoring the harmonic distortion of the played back signal

Package Contents

  • Main unit
  • Sensor for measuring alternating current and voltage
  • Direct current and voltage sensor (200А/600А/1200А)
  • Two connecting cables for connecting the sensors
  • AC adaptor for cigarette lighter of a car
  • Audio-CD with audio tracks for tuning (sine, sweep-tones, noise)
  • Case for carrying around and keeping (optional)
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