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Usb Bass Meter (Second Edition) - Multifunctional Sound Pressure Meter

Bass Meter with functionality of connecting external sensors

  • Frequency range from 10 to 120 Hz
  • Calibrated according to TERM-LAB Classic and Magnum
  • Amplitude range from 100 to 190 dB
  • Allows connecting microphone, power sensor or SPL-sensor
  • USB and Lab-Bus ports for connecting Next-Lab sensors
  • Software for Android and Windows
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The multifunctional sound pressure meter USB Bass Meter (Second Edition) is intended for measuring the noise level and sound pressure at low frequency. The device has an extended amplitude range up to 90 dB! The device can be connected to Windows PC or smartphone/tablet PC via USB port. Using the solid-state sensor allows receiving results with accuracy of 0.1 dB. The device is simple in use and does not require additional setting and calibration. A distinctive feature of this device is the Lab-Bus port for connecting external sensors of the NEXT-LAB series. Provided there are external sensors, it allows taking measurements of not only sound pressure, but also the voltage-current characteristics of electric circuits (when using the NEXT-LAB Power Sensor), amplitude-frequency characteristics or noise level of the acoustic system over the entire audible range (when using NEXT-LAB RTA Microphone). Also, if additional NEXT-LAB SPL Sensor is connected, it is possible to measure the sound pressure from two sources simultaneously.


The device is performed as a monoblock containing the high accuracy solid-state pressure transducer, analogue-to-digital converter and USB interface for connecting with a PC and Lab-Bus port for connecting external sensors. At the back cover, there are vacuum suction cups for affixing the device to any smooth surfaces such as glass. The case of the device is made of shockproof plastic material.


  • Measuring the characteristics of the home, car or concert hall acoustic systems
  • Setting acoustic systems, e.g. subwoofers
  • Measuring the noise level
  • Preparation to autosound competitions on unlimited sound pressure (AMT, EMMA, dB Drag, IASCA, BassRace, etc.)
  • Holding the auto sound contests
  • Measuring the sound pressure level (SPL)
  • Spectral analysis of a signal - getting the AFC
  • Measuring AFC and performing a spectral analysis of the signal using Next-Lab RTA Microphone.
  • Measuring the current-voltage characteristics of direct and alternating current circuits using Next-Lab Power Sensor.
  • Possibility of simultaneous work with two signal sources.

Package Contents

  • Usb Bass Meter (Second Edition) Noise Meter
  • Connecting USB cable for connecting to the PC
  • Spl-Lab Measuring Center software for Windows
  • Audio tracks for tuning (sine, sweep-tones, noise)
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